Chic Sparrow Review

Chic Sparrow Reviewfeatured

So a slight change of pace around here where it comes to reviews. I have posted more than one review of a Gillio planner cover and I do love Gillio, but frankly they’re stupidly expensive. Yes the leather and the craftsmanship are first rate (can’t be beat really) but the vast majority of us can’t, Read more

Book Review: Breath of Life

Book Review: Breath of Lifefeatured

So a new feature for Illuminated Life, book reviews. I’m a book worm, have been all my life. I read so voraciously as a child that I’d read through most of the adult fiction section of our tiny home town library by the time I was 12. The librarians would actually save new books for Read more

Gillio Dark Brown and Cream Medium Compagna

Gillio Dark Brown and Cream Medium Compagnafeatured

We’ve already established around here I like paper planners, mostly because they allow me to use my fountain pens which are my primary love. I’ve got four Gillio’s but that will likely become two in the near future, I just don’t need four planner covers and I really only use two of them. One of those is my Read more

Smell like Seattle! (Really)

Smell like Seattle! (Really)featured

I really enjoy trying perfume from smaller perfume houses. Sonoma Scent Studio is a favorite, their Velvet Rose being perhaps the most perfect rose perfume of all time (to my nose anyway). So when I heard of Olympic Orchids, located a few miles from me in Lynwood Washington, I had to grab some samples. Many Read more

A Pen Made out of Amber, Almost…

A Pen Made out of Amber, Almost…featured

I have a checkered history with Visconti. My very first Visconti and I didn’t get along at all, in short, I hated the thing. It writes, it’s pretty (but not my taste), it just doesn’t fit my hand and the captive converter filling system left me feeling cheated (I’d certainly paid enough for a real Read more

A Love Story

A Love Storyfeatured

Everyone loves a love story, right? Well this one is a dual love story, it’s the story of a pen, and the story of the human who bought it for me. But we should probably back up a bit. Not long after I got into fountain pens I discovered fountain pen message boards and with Read more

Guerlain Mitsouko

Guerlain Mitsoukofeatured

I fell down the perfume rabbit hole. It’s a lovely rabbit hole to fall down, if you must chose one, it smells divine. For Christmas my dear husband bought me a bottle of perfume. I’d never tried it before (now I know how dangerous that is) but it was rose and he knows I like Read more

A Liturgy of Everyday Things

A Liturgy of Everyday Thingsfeatured

I grew up before MP3s, and streaming music, even CDs.  We had cassette tapes but they tended to warp and stretch, and rewinding was a pain. Mostly we listened to records. I vividly remember my father very seriously walking me through the liturgy of using the turntable. He pulled out my favorite Gaelic band’s record Read more

Experiment – Finis

Experiment – Finisfeatured

So a few months ago I started an experiment to really see which pens I actually use. You can hit that previous post to find out where I started, I myself just reread it as I start this, the end of the experiment. I had initially predicted that a few more pens would find their way out of my Read more