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A Liturgy of Everyday Things

A Liturgy of Everyday Thingsfeatured

I grew up before MP3s, and streaming music, even CDs.  We had cassette tapes but they tended to warp and stretch, and rewinding was a pain. Mostly we listened to records. I vividly remember my father very seriously walking me through the liturgy of using the turntable. He pulled out my favorite Gaelic band’s record Read more

Experiment – Finis

Experiment – Finisfeatured

So a few months ago I started an experiment to really see which pens I actually use. You can hit that previous post to find out where I started, I myself just reread it as I start this, the end of the experiment. I had initially predicted that a few more pens would find their way out of my Read more

The Perfect Travel Bag

The Perfect Travel Bagfeatured

Years ago I pulled something in my shoulder and neck dashing through an airport with a computer bag on one shoulder and tugging a roll aboard behind me. It hurt, a lot. Enough that the physical therapist berated me for being an idiot (kindly) and shook her head at people’s determination to haul everything they Read more

State of the Horde

State of the Hordefeatured

I probably have a similar story to many who fall down the rabbit hole of fountain pen geekery. You start small, maybe with one pen, but then you want to try something else, and something else… Perhaps you start with 20 cheap Chinese fountain pens and, out of necessity, learn to fiddle. Perhaps you run Read more