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Chic Sparrow Review

Chic Sparrow Reviewfeatured

So a slight change of pace around here where it comes to reviews. I have posted more than one review of a Gillio planner cover and I do love Gillio, but frankly they’re stupidly expensive. Yes the leather and the craftsmanship are first rate (can’t be beat really) but the vast majority of us can’t, Read more

Gillio Dark Brown and Cream Medium Compagna

Gillio Dark Brown and Cream Medium Compagnafeatured

We’ve already established around here I like paper planners, mostly because they allow me to use my fountain pens which are my primary love. I’ve got four Gillio’s but that will likely become two in the near future, I just don’t need four planner covers and I really only use two of them. One of those is my Read more

A Pen Made out of Amber, Almost…

A Pen Made out of Amber, Almost…featured

I have a checkered history with Visconti. My very first Visconti and I didn’t get along at all, in short, I hated the thing. It writes, it’s pretty (but not my taste), it just doesn’t fit my hand and the captive converter filling system left me feeling cheated (I’d certainly paid enough for a real Read more

A Love Story

A Love Storyfeatured

Everyone loves a love story, right? Well this one is a dual love story, it’s the story of a pen, and the story of the human who bought it for me. But we should probably back up a bit. Not long after I got into fountain pens I discovered fountain pen message boards and with Read more

Guerlain Mitsouko

Guerlain Mitsoukofeatured

I fell down the perfume rabbit hole. It’s a lovely rabbit hole to fall down, if you must chose one, it smells divine. For Christmas my dear husband bought me a bottle of perfume. I’d never tried it before (now I know how dangerous that is) but it was rose and he knows I like Read more

The Perfect Travel Bag

The Perfect Travel Bagfeatured

Years ago I pulled something in my shoulder and neck dashing through an airport with a computer bag on one shoulder and tugging a roll aboard behind me. It hurt, a lot. Enough that the physical therapist berated me for being an idiot (kindly) and shook her head at people’s determination to haul everything they Read more

A match made in… Arkansas!

A match made in… Arkansas!featured

(To maintain the surprise today’s featured image is Emma, as she ‘helped’ me test this pen. Nose decor curtesy of Diamine) 😉 This is the story of a nib. A few years ago I was scrolling through eBay listings, as those of us who have odd hobbies are wont to do, and my finger suddenly Read more

Gillio Compagna Aubergine Croc

Gillio Compagna Aubergine Crocfeatured

And now, as they say, for something a little different. Fountain pens lead to paper, which leads to wanting to use both, but to do that one needs something to write. Fortunately there is no shortage of stuff in my brain that is far safer outside my brain. This has led me to paper planning, I’ll Read more

Nakaya Decapod

Nakaya Decapodfeatured

I recently got a chance to trade two pens I once loved, but have fallen out of passion with, for a Nakaya Decapod. It came from a fellow Pen Geek who bought it used, so I’m a little fuzzy on which finish it might be. My best guess is kuro-tamenuri that has had time for the Read more

Scriptorium Pens Custom

Scriptorium Pens Customfeatured

I am a picky pen person. I go through a lot of pens that other people adore and that I find entirely underwhelming. This means I buy, try, and then sell on a lot of perfectly good pens. So I suppose it should be no surprise that I really like custom pens. My first custom was a Read more