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Nakaya Decapod

Nakaya Decapodfeatured

I recently got a chance to trade two pens I once loved, but have fallen out of passion with, for a Nakaya Decapod. It came from a fellow Pen Geek who bought it used, so I’m a little fuzzy on which finish it might be. My best guess is kuro-tamenuri that has had time for the Read more

Scriptorium Pens Custom

Scriptorium Pens Customfeatured

I am a picky pen person. I go through a lot of pens that other people adore and that I find entirely underwhelming. This means I buy, try, and then sell on a lot of perfectly good pens. So I suppose it should be no surprise that I really like custom pens. My first custom was a Read more

Purple Gillio Slim

Purple Gillio Slimfeatured

To say that I need a way to keep tabs on things would be an understatement. I am currently working part time at a local parish (is ministry every part time?), trying to finish and sell a book, keeping a household running, training a horse, and keeping a six pound cat and a 40 pound collie-shepard Read more

Gin Nami

Gin Namifeatured

There are pens, and then there are pens. This is one of the latter. When I first began using fountain pens they were a simple tool, hopefully a pleasant one to use, but nothing more than a tool. But as my interest grew, and my collection, I began to appreciate that just as words, which are Read more

Bung Box Silent Night Ink

Bung Box Silent Night Inkfeatured

I love ink as much as I love pens. Most people are familiar with ink only in its gloppy, almost lumpy ball point form. There is nothing beautiful about it, plain, utilitarian, and decidedly unsexy. But real ink, the sort of ink that flows through a fountain pen? That is exciting stuff. It can be wet, Read more

Visconti Limited Edition Ragtime Fountain Pen

Visconti Limited Edition Ragtime Fountain Penfeatured

Up for sale is my Visconti Ragtime 20th Anniversary Limited Edition pen. I bought this pen as an experiment, had never owned a Visconti before and I just don’t use it. The pen is beautiful, the material is really gorgeous, sparkles in a way pictures cannot get across. But I’m apparently a black german pen Read more